Student Health & Well-Being

As an organisation, ISGR is imbued with a democratic approach. Students and staff should feel secure, respected and involved in the activities, in order to create an open working atmosphere with an international approach, where personal growth is encouraged in each individual. The school actively promotes appreciation for social diversity and does not tolerate any form of discrimination or other degrading treatment.

The Student Health Team works collaboratively to ensure that students are safe, happy and learning. Below is a description of the roles within the team.

The principal is responsible for the student health team at the school. The principal is also responsible for the development of the student health work. The Principal leads the work of the student health team and ensures that the needs of both the individual and the community are met and support a positive, harmonious learning environment.

School nurse
ISGR has a full-time school nurse on each Campus. The school nurse advises the student health team on health-related issues and works proactively to promote student health. The school nurse is also available for the students' emergency medical needs. The school nurse has a duty of confidentiality. The work focuses on the following areas:

Health Checks/Health Talks
Health checks are carried out systematically in Sweden at specific grade levels according to the Swedish national school health program. Parents are asked to complete a health questionnaire and also attend a meeting with the nurse/doctor at regular intervals. In addition, children are screened for visual and hearing impairment and receive a growth check. You will be contacted by the school nurse if there is a need for further checks.

Vaccinations are carried out in Sweden by the schools during primary school education (grades kindergarten-nine) where children attend.  Drop in sessions are offered for new students twice a year where vaccinations are given if need be.

School Doctor
The school doctor writes letters of referral to different care institutions and works with evaluation and assessment together with the school nurse. All Grade 1 children are offered a visit to the school doctor.

School psychologist
The school psychologist is responsible for students in need of special support, from a psychological point of view. The school psychologist is also responsible for communicating to parents and staff after testing has taken place. He/she takes part in evaluation and assessment when needed. If needed, the student is referred to external specialists.

School Counselor
The school counselor is responsible for the social and emotional work at the school. The purpose of the role is to promote well being by holding professional dialogues with individual students and working with social and emotional group training and development work at the school. The role is also to offer guidance to students who have issues that are affecting their school life. The student counselor can also give advice to mentors about a plan of action for individual students. Like the school nurse, the student counselor is bound by a confidentiality clause concerning all sensitive student issues.

Learning Support Teacher
Some children need more support than others in managing their schoolwork. These needs may have physical, emotional and social causes – they may be temporary needs or something that the student requires help with throughout their time at school. They will decide what kind of support a student needs and are responsible for drawing up and working with an action plan.The learning support teacher works with individual students, group of students and in class supporting teachers. He/she also takes part in evaluation and assessment, pedagogical evaluations and reports. The learning support teacher has a pedagogical responsibility for students in need of special educational support, and he/she assists the principal in the pedagogical development work.

Well-being surveys
ISGR has two campuses. The Primary Years for both sections is located at Guldheden Campus and the Middle Years for both sections is located at Götaberg Campus, together with IHGR. Student well-being surveys are carried out yearly and are campus based.

Staff PYP

Lee Brown - Principal
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Susanne Hogner - School Nurse
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Anne Alexandersson - Counselor
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Moragh Randall - Learning Support

Staff MYP

Graham Miselbach - Principal
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IrénBorg Berglund 
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Cassandra Held - School Counselor 
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Staff PYP & MYP

Axel Jonasson - School Psychologist