The Student Experience at ISGR

ISGR is more than just a great education!

Throughout the year our students on both sections and all grades participate in different activities and event. Some are in alignment with the curriculum and others are just for team building and fun!

PYP5 Exhibition

As part of the final PYP year, the grade 5 work on a project and exhibition. Once completed all the classes are invited to the exhibition and an evening with parents is organised for students to present their projects. The themes these last years have been school improvements.



PYP5 Camp

After Exhibition and before graduation, PYP 5 students attend an overnight outdoor camp accompanied by ISGR teachers. At camp, students can earn scout-style badges for completing physical and mental challenges that correspond to the elements of the PYP.

LGRP5 Camp

In grade 5, all students go on a class trip in the Gothenburg region. The purpose of the trip is to strengthen the spirit of the group in another learning environment. Students prepare, implement and evaluate the trip with their teachers.



Grade 6 Ski Trip

Our grade 6 on both sections go skiing for the day at Ulricehamn. This is a great way for everyone to enjoy the snow and try to ski.


Grade 7 Camp

Each September our grade 7 go to the countryside for a yearly camp. There are cross-team events for the students to build friendships across the two sections.

Spanish Exchange

Our grade 7 students who study Spanish as a language acquisition travel to Spain.
The students from the school Juan de Lanuza in Zaragoza then come to Gothenburg and spend a week living with our students and attending classes.

French Exchange

The French exchange is in collaboration with the school Juliot-Curie located in Nantes.
The exchange takes place each January/February. The French students then spend a week in Gothenburg, living with our students and attending classes.

MYP10 Personal Project

MYP10 students mark their final Middle Year with a personal project.
Each student chooses the topic of their project and is appointed a mentor to guide them.
Their final project is presented during an exhibition and students hand in a thesis paper of 3000 words.

Uganda Project

In 2017 teachers from MYP/LGRM and IHGR took students From LGRM8 and MYP9 to the School of High Standard in Uganda. During the exchange students and teachers ran workshops on themes such as identity and tolerance.


Nordic Network Sports Tournament

Each year a school in the Nordic Network hosts the sports tournament for students, with a number of sports, such as basketball, netball, football and track & field.



Guldheden Choir & Orchestra

At Guldheden campus, there is a choir for grades 2 to 5 that meet on a weekly basis.
The students then perform at different school activities throughout the year.




After School Activities

We provide inclusive and engaging opportunities for children after school through clubs and activities. This allows children to further develop their social, emotional and educational skills. Together with the PTA, we support extra-curricular activities based on availability and interest. Schedule of activities here.