Guiding Statements

  • Vision

    The ISGR Vision

    Our Vision for ISGR/IHGR is to be a leading international educator with a community of passionate life-long learners, inspiring global citizens to embrace diversity and explore the world.

  • Mission

    Our Mission

    ISGR/IHGR is an international school with students aged from 5 to 19, which fosters a culture of learning with respect and open mindedness.

    Based on IB world or Swedish national standards, we tailor our curriculum to provide students with the tools to be life-long learners in a stimulating and nurturing environment. We value authentic learning experiences with a global perspective.

    We learn together for the future.

  • Values

    Our Values

    - We provide an education that is reflective, adaptive and challenging
    - We guide students to reach their full academic and personal potential in order to create a better world

    - We view cultural diversity as a source of enrichment
    - We embrace the academic diversity in our students

    - We nurture our school community with care and respect
    - We make local and global connections

  • Goals

    Our Goals

    1) One internationally minded school culture
    The International and National sections share common values and rules
    The International and National sections work towards a unified school culture through areas such as cross-team work, culture activities, Visible Thinking and The Responsive Classroom

    2) Learning for the future
    ICT is integrated into teaching so that it becomes a natural learning tool
    Students have access to ICT tools for different learning situations and styles

    3) Differentiated Learning
    Teachers support students to learn at their own level and speed
    Teaching is adapted to suit the individual learning styles of students


At ISGR high quality learning happens when students are aware of how they learn, are able to make connections between subjects, connections with what they learn and their own lives, are actively engaged in their own learning and are able to reflect on that learning enabling them to take action.

Learning is a life-long process where students gain knowledge, develop new skills and deepen understanding.

High quality learning cannot take place without high quality teaching. High quality teaching takes place when teachers are well planned, setting clear expectations for lessons and units, while creating a positive learning environment for each student, maintaining high expectations and using a variety of strategies and approaches suitable for the varying learning and cultural needs within the classroom.

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