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The Götaberg library fosters life-long learning through inquiry including information seeking and source criticism. It also fosters a love of reading through promotion of books, arranging cultural events and more.

Through the information search process, developed by Carrol Kuhlthau and promoted by the IB organization, students are learning what processes they are involved in while searching for information. Involved in this process are thoughts, actions and emotions.

The students visit the library for different purposes: to check out books, to read for both school work and for pleasure, to ask questions, and seek guidance in using digital resources.
Different areas in the library are assigned to different activities such as computer use, relaxation, group work, and individual studies.

For more information on the Götaberg library, please feel free to read the Library plan which can be found here: https://lmcgotaberg.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/library-plan.pdf

To support the students in their inquiry process, the school subscribes to a set of encyclopedias and databases, accessible through the library blog:https://lmcgotaberg.wordpress.com

The library has also developed, in collaboration with teachers, a Library booklet containing important information to support students in becoming confident, experienced and independent library users.

The Library booklet can be found here: https://lmcgotaberg.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/information-booklet-for-myp.pdf

Information Competency

The library focuses on developing information competency: through teaching the importance of going through the whole information search process, using different kinds of sources for different purposes, being source critical using the test the 4 w’s, which is part of the Library booklet.

The 4 w’s In English can be found here: https://lmcgotaberg.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/source-criticism.pdf

The library also teaches the students to properly acknowledge other people’s works and ideas in line with the school’s Academic Honesty Policy: https://lmcgotaberg.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/academic-honesty-policy-2017.pdf

Reading Promotion

The library arranges Book Talks when presenting and recommending books for different purposes; for example both fiction and non-fiction and books on themes in their learning.
The librarian also visits class rooms, organizes author presentations, writing and reading comprehension exercises, and story-telling.

Creative School

The library administers the school’s Creative school project, underpinned by the National Arts Council. It creates opportunities for the students to meet professional culture practitioners to an extent that might not have been possible otherwise - authors, illustrators and actors.

Creative School information can be found here:
Creative School action plan 2018-2019
Creative School action plan 2019-2020
Creative School action plan 2021-2022


Our school libraries are the hub of learning.

At the library students inquire, explore, and consolidate. Students read, share and wonder. Our spacious and light library can be calm with focus, or buzzing with learning. Teaching staff use the library as a meeting place during professional development days. Our library’s form and function is very diverse!