PAL - 'Fritids'

Pre & After School Learning

PAL is our Pre-and After-School Learning programme which follows the regulations and guidelines from the The Swedish Educational Act and the Swedish National curriculum LGR 22. It offers students various learning activities after school hours. The goal of PAL is to provide students with a programme based on their own interests and group activities. (PAL is not a homework club)

PAL teachers are trained professionals who help children in various areas such as emotional and social skills training and recreational activities. In PAL, the pupils have opportunities to develop their skills and interests. It is a programme for children where both parents are working or studying. However, if one legal guardian is at home, for example during parental leave, they no longer have that right. PAL is for children from grade F-3 and PAL Club is for children in grade 4 (special request from grade 5).

For further information about PAL, contact:

Jessika Lagerlöf
031- 708 92 70

OBS! If your child is absent, please contact their PAL group or PAL club to report the abscence.