ISGR - National section

The National section of ISGR follows the Swedish national curriculum (LGR) and is divided into two sections. LGRP (LGR Primary years) for preschool class - grade 5 and LGRM (LGR Middle years) for grades 6-9. Please read below for information about how to apply.

When can I apply?
Applications are only accepted between the 1st of October and the 1st of December for the coming academic year. Applications sent in before or after this period will not be taken into consideration. The only exception are applications for grade 4, where we may be able to accept late applications. Please contact national admissions for more information.

Applicants will remain in the queue until the 31st of September the following year, the day before we open for new applications once again. Applicants who wish to remain in the queue have to apply again during the application period, an action that needs to be repeated every year if you wish to remain in the queue for the following academic year.

Who can apply?
Parents can apply to all grades, from preschool class to grade 9. For preschool class we only accept applications for students turning 6 years old the same year as school start.

We accept new students in the following grades:
-Preschool class, 28 new students
-Grade 4, 28 new students
-Grade 6, 4 new students

We do not take in new students in any of the other grades. A place will only come available if one our own students decides to leave, in which case we will offer the place according to queue number order.

How do I apply?
Applications can only be made online via our website between the 1st of October and the 1st of December for the next academic year. A link to the application page will be activated and visible on the admissions home page during this time. In your application, you are required to provide personal and contact information, no additional documents are required. Applications via phone or email will not be taken into consideration. You will receive an automatic confirmation email once your application is correctly submitted.

Admissions Criteria
Applicants are prioritized according to the following admissions criteria:
1. Sibling priority
2. Applicants living within the districts of central Gothenburg, Majorna/Linné and Örgryte/Härland
3. All other applicants

Sibling priority applies to applicants with a sibling attending the national section whom also meet one of the following criteria:

  • - Children with common custodians.
  • - Half-siblings with at least one custodian in common.
  • - Children registered at the same residential address.

Applications regarding twin siblings are considered in line with our admissions criteria. If a twin sibling receives an offer of placement, the other twin sibling will however be given first priority to the second round of placement offers.

After the application period, a queue number is created through lottery, conducted by Notarius Publicus, according to the order of priority as stated above. Available places will be offered according to queue number and order of priority.

Should a very uneven division between boys and girls occur, we reserve the right to depart from the order of queue number in order to achieve gender balance.

When do I find out if I have a place or not?
We will only contact those who are to receive a place. If you do not hear anything from us before the 1st of October, you have unfortunately not received a place and are welcome to apply again.

We will send out the first set of placement offers to applicants for preschool class, grade 4 and grade 6 at the end of January. If an applicant turn down their offer of placement, the place will be offered to the next applicant in line until the class is full. Please note that this process could go on until school start in August. Places in all other grades are offered continuously depending on availability.


How much of the teaching is in english?
For our youngest students, the language of instruction is mostly Swedish. The amount of lessons taught in english increases during the years with up to 50% being taught in English in the higher grades. Please read more under the programmes tab.

How can I find out my queue number?
To find out your queue number, please contact the national admissions office by phone or email -

Can I obtain priority due to special circumstances/family situation?
No. The same admissions criteria applies to all applicants, with no exceptions.

My child is enrolled in the International section of ISGR, can we transfer to the National section?
No. We do not transfer students between sections. Parents have to apply during the application period like all other applicants.

My child doesn’t have a personal number, can I apply anyway?
Yes. Parents can apply for their child even though they don’t have a personal number. However the child must have a personal number by the time of school start. Please write birth date YYMMDD-TF instead of a full personal number.

If I tick the box for PAL (free time school), does that mean that I will automatically receive a place in PAL?
No. This is only an expression of interest. A proper application for PAL is done via a form which can be found on our website. Please read more under the programmes tab. Please note it may take up to two weeks to obtain a place in PAL from the time of your application.

Can we visit the school before we apply?
No. We only offer visits to applicants who have accepted their placement offer.