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ISGR is an IB (International Baccalaureate) World School offering the full continuum of education including the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme. In our National Section we offer the Swedish National Curriculum taught in Swedish but with an English profile, and in our High School we teach both Natural Science and Social Science Programmes in English.  


The two sections provide various possibilities to cooperate, grow and develop in an intercultural context. The School is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) for grades K-10, our PYP and MYP Programmes, and also Grades 0 – 9 of the Swedish National Section, which is developing its bilingual programme to provide more international opportunities for national section students and enhance opportunities for cross-team activities.  We have two campuses located centrally in Gothenburg: Guldheden houses our Elementary school; and Götaberg, grades 6 – 10 plus our High School (IHGR). 


Together, we are one school developing a shared sense of global responsibility with common values.


ISGR has a community of students, families and staff from more than 60 nationalities, making it an international meeting place, for ideas and learning.  This is reflected in our School Vision for ISGR/IHGR to be a leading international educator with a community of passionate life-long learners, inspiring global citizens to embrace diversity and explore the world.


We have set three goals to help achieve our vision, which are: to have one internationally minded school culture; to produce learning for the future, and to provide differentiated learning.  Our work is united by our values of Quality, Diversity and Community.  


More information on our Vision, Goals & Values is available here >>


Importantly, at ISGR everyone is seen and gets attention. Our students appreciate the warm and welcoming atmosphere and find it easy to make friends and feel safe - a good foundation for learning. Our students have various experiences from different schools and education systems. Meeting students individual needs and using differentiated learning method is therefore an important strategy for our success.


With students and staff from over 60 different nationalities you will find that there is much diversity to embrace. We look forward to welcoming you to our community of global citizens in Gothenburg where you can join the life-long learning!



Birgitta Sandström Barac
Head of School ISGR/IHGR








Letters from the Head of School

2017-18 Academic Year

 February Spring Term Update Letter 28-Feb-2018

 January Spring Term Letter 31-Jan-2018

 Winter Holiday Letter 14-Dec-2017

 November Update Letter 23-Nov-2017

 October Autumn Update Letter 19-Oct-2017

 Start of Academic Year Letter 07-Sep-2017





2016-17 Academic Year


      February                  March                    May                      June
   Spring Term              Mid-Term         20th Anniversary      End of Year

        Letter                      Letter                   Letter                    Letter

   22-Feb-2017           29-Mar-2017       10-May-2017        13-June-2017

















2015-16 Academic Year


   End of Year             May Update
       Letter                      Letter

   17-Jun-16               30-May-16


    Welcome to          Winter Holiday     Autumn Update      Start of Year                  
   Spring Term               Letter                   Letter                    Letter                        
     19-Jan-16             11-Dec-15             07-Oct-15             26-Aug-15               





 2014-15 Academic Year







































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