ISGR Parent-Teacher Association

"The goal of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is to help build school spirit and a sense of community by organising fun events for the students, parents, and school administration to enjoy. The PTA also helps to fund various projects and activities throughout the year to benefit the school community."

- Laurence Henriette-Herpelinck, PTA Events Coordinator

Welcome to the PTA! ISGR parents are automatically members of The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and are encouraged to take an active part. Experienced members give new members the support needed to become actively involved in our school community. You will find that this is the best way to meet others and make friends for life!

By becoming a PTA volunteer you will be joining a team and helping to organize a variety of events and activities. Moreover, you will quickly get the sense of belonging to the school community.

Learn more about our events and activities below. Please contact one of the PTA Representatives and find out how you can get involved. Your contribution as a volunteer, small or big, makes a huge difference! Together we are stronger and have great fun!

Country Representatives
Click on the link below for the list of Country Representatives:
Country Representives 2019-2020

New Families & Back to School Breakfast 

The first day of school is a perfect opportunity for all ISGR families to meet after the summer.
 New families are most welcome - this is the first opportunity to ask lots of questions about school life, living in Gothenburg, integrating into the Swedish society and more. Above all, it is a time to make new friends.

Social & Cultural mornings 

The PTA hosts social gatherings a few times a year. These informal meetings provide a social forum for parents. It is also a time to speak about the PTA and upcoming activities. During the 2019-2020 academic year, representatives from a specific country will be given the opportunity to host the meeting. They will share information about their culture, traditions, job opportunities, touristic sites and bring some food specialities for everyone to taste.

The Winter Bazaar

The Winter Bazaar is the largest PTA fundraising event of the year. Teachers, staff, students and parents come together for an international day of games, food, and fun to raise money to support projects and activities happening at the school throughout the year. A variety of international food stalls, a book sale, a big raffle and children's activities are available to celebrate our diversity.

School Discos

Organized for young studentsone evening a year, this most loved party is made of crazy dances, smartoutfits and noisy laughs. It is also a social time for parents, who support theevent by helping organise, decorate or offer snacks and drinks.

Social activities, Clubs and Classes

 The PTA volunteers organize many activities throughout the year for the ISGR parent community. Everyone can join: sports, outings, tours, visits, classes, after work... We also have clubs and classes such as English Club, choir, walking, running. Those activities are either free or partially funded by our organization. We strongly support parents who want to organize their own activity. With the PTA, you get the fun easily and you never feel alone!  

Last Day of School Picnic

This end-of-year picnic provides an opportunity for departing families to celebrate the accomplishments of the year and say goodbye to one another before school ends. We usually meet after school in Slottskogen Park on the last day of the year.  

Becoming a coordinator, an active member or a volunteer

As in every organization, we need people to coordinate our actions among us parents, but also with the school. We work together to promote the international spirit of our community: the PTA cannot be efficient without school... and school would not have such an international feel without the PTA members, the parents of their students. This is why we are always looking for volunteers to join our team on a more regular basis. So do not hesitate to belong and have fun!  

PTA Country Representative

Do you want to stand out and represent your country? You can become the person who assists  newcomers, helping them to settle into Gothenburg. The Country Representatives also coordinates the Café and Stalls for the Winter Bazaar.
Moreover, they organise Meet up's for the people in their own community group.  

School Support Programmes

One of the goals of the PTA is to support the school in developing programmes and acquiring equipment or  helping the teachers to enhance the children's well-being at school. Parents take a very important role in this support as Class Representatives for assisting with communication between parents and teachers of a particular classroom or grade, or as volunteers to assist staff , librarians and teachers. We celebrate all of them during the Teachers and Staff Appreciation Day.

Laurence Herpelinck
PTA Events Coordinator
Tel: 0703 590 471

Vincent Monachon
Social Activities Coordinator


Angela Holloway Zamora
PTA Coordinator for PYP

Melissa Ambery
PTA Coordinator for MYP

Ivana Pitcairn
PYP Class Representative Coordinator


Colin Chen
Field Coordinator

Kavita Batra
Field Coordinator

Matilda Rödholm
Field Coordinator