ISGR Parent-Teacher Association

"The goal of the PTA is to help build school spirit and a sense of community by organising fun events for the students, parents, and school administration to enjoy.The PTA also helps to fund various activities throughout the year to benefit the school community."

- Florence Paulik, PTA Chairperson

ISGR parents are automatically membersof The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and are encouraged to take an active part.The PTA is run by volunteer parents, provides support to the ISGR community. Through the PTA you are able to meet other ISGR parents and get involved in life at school. The PTA organizes a variety of social activities and information sessions for parents to enjoy throughout the year.

Below you will find information about events the PTA organizes as well as general contact information for current members of the PTA.
The PTA welcomes all parents and teachers, even if they only have a small amount of time available to get involved.
Afterwork Café

On these evenings we welcome the whole family. During the International After Work Café, parents represent their home countries and sell food specialties from all over the world.
During the After Work Pizza Evening, the PTA offers pizza and desserts for all families. This is a good way to enjoy some time together at school.

Family Day 

The Family Day takes place in September and is a perfect opportunity for all  ISGR families to meet after the summer.
There will be games for students and parents, a BBQ and desserts. 
Come and join the fun!

The Winter Bazaar

The Winter Bazaar is the largest PTA fundraising event of the year. Students and parents come together for an international day of games, food, and fun to raise money to support activities happening at the school throughout the year. A variety of international food stalls, book sales and children's activities are available.

School Discos

The School Disco is organized for students one evening a year, providing them with a fun and social time together.

Coffee Mornings

The PTA hosts coffee mornings a few times a year at Guldheden Campus. The informal meetings provide a social forum for parents. The PTA share  information regarding upcoming activities and parents have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the ISGR community.

Last Day of School Picnic

This end-of-year picnic provides an opportunity for departing families to celebrate the accomplishments of the year and say goodbye to one another before school ends. We usually meet after school in Slottsskogen park on the last day of the year.

Social Activities

The PTA Social Activities Team organizes activities every month for the ISGR parent community, such as canoeing, golf, tours at the Volvo museum and factory, city tours, cooking workshops and a lot more.
The  team also offers weekly yoga, walking and running activities.

PTA Meetings

Do you want to learn more about PTA activities?
We invite you to join us at our Parent Teacher Association meetings to get the inside scoop.
Dates and times for meetings, coffee mornings and upcoming events are announced in the PTA section of the calendar.

ISGR Clothes Sale

The PTA is incharge of selling ISGR branded clothes. There is a selection of t-shirts, piké tops, hoodies, shorts and sport pants to choose from.
This is a wonderful way to enhance the school community andll the profits go to raising money for student activities.

Florence Paulik
PTA Chairperson Social Activities

Christine Rescanières Voerman
PTA Vice Chairperson

Laurence Herpelinck
PTA Secretary

Cornelia Asanger-Lexa

Ivana Pitcairn
PYP Chairperson and Class Representative Coordinator

Angela Holloway Zamora
MYP Chairperson and Class Representatve Coordinator

Mai Kim Camder
LGRP Representative



Ying Zhang
Co-Country Representative Coordinator

Colin Chen
Co-Country Representative Coordinator

Kavita Batra
Indian Representative    

Matilda Rödholm
Swedish Representative


  • * A link to the list of Country Representatives can be found at the top of the page


Vincent Monachon
Social Activities

Dorte Holm-Egeskov
Clothes sale coordinator and international café coordinator

Annemieke van Wijk
Newsletter Coordinator