Student Support Services

The physical and psycho-social wellbeing of our students is very important to us at ISGR/IHGR. In order to ensure this we have a student support team (SST) at each campus, which includes nurses, a guidance counselor, a school psychologist, a school doctor, and learning support teachers.



Preventive Health Care and Immunization Program

The school nurses continue the preventive health care and immunization program initiated by the child health care system in Sweden, Barnavårdscentralen (BVC). This health care is available to all our students and is free of charge. No vaccinations are given without a written consent from the parents/guardians. The school health care is optional.


At ISGR we follow the Basic Health Program for all schools in the Gothenburg region. This means that throughout years K – 10 we have regular check-ups, and health talks, and additionally in grade one a doctor’s visit and a hearing and vision test.


At our health talks we discuss the importance of healthy eating, exercise, sleep, and psycho-social health. Working alongside class or subject teachers, we provide knowledge and understanding about puberty and adolescence as well as the effects of drug, alcohol, and tobacco use. These programs are provided at appropriate grade levels.


We provide first-aid and assist in any kind of emergency that occurs at our school. We can also provide information regarding health care or medical issues you may have regarding your child.


How do we work?

The Principal has the overall responsibility for student support and will prioritize the needs of the students with the student support team. The team also works closely with parents to solve problems. Additionally, the support team works with external agencies such as speech therapists, representatives of the youth psychology team (BUP), and others when appropriate.


Accident Insurance

The reporting of an accident involving a student is always done by the parents directly to the insurance company which currently is Länsförsäkringar. You can find the insurance claim form on their homepage;


Student Information

It is very important that you inform us of any changes to your contact details in case we need to reach you in an emergency!




Staff PYP

Marilyn James

031-708 92 72


Susanne Hogner

School Nurse
031 - 708 92 60
Cathy Davis

Learning Support teacher






Mona Esmailian

Student counselor

031-708 92 61

Joakim Skeppstedt
School psychologist










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