Welcome to the Guldheden Library

Welcome to the Library Media Centre at ISGR. The library Media Centre is an educational and cultural environment where students and staff are exposed to ideas through the use of print and non-print resources in various media formats. The library in accordance with school goals, fosters the development of lifelong learning abilities and a love of reading in its students.

We have an excellent range of books in English and Swedish for reading and research as well as a number of publications and of course computers! The librarian in the Library/Media Centre is there to help you to choose a book to read or assist you when undertaking research. We also have a collection of books in other languages.


The Library and Media Centre plays an active part in both our International week, Culture Week, Reading week and hosts a number of special events and visits.


Creative School

At the link below is an action plan for our Creative School project supported by the National Arts Council:


Action plan for Creative School







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