PTA Information

The goal of the PTA at ISGR is to help build school spirit and a sense of community within the school by organizing fun events for the students, parents, and school administration to enjoy. The PTA organizes and helps fund various activities throughout the year to benefit the school community.


For further information on the PTA and how to become involved in the many activities, please contact the Co-Chairs, Danielle and Florence, members of the committee, or your country representative!  You can find contact details in the newsletters below.


To find out dates and times for PTA meetings and events, please view the PTA Calendar >>



 PTA Welcome Guide

The PTA is proud to present the first edition of the Parent Handbook to help welcome families to Gothenburg.


PTA Welcome Guide 2nd Edition 2016-17



 PTA Country Representatives

The PTA wants to help you to make your move to Sweden and ISGR as smooth as possible.  We have assembled a group of people coming from different countries to welcome you in your own language and cultural background.


PTA Country Representatives 2017



 PTA Meetings

The PTA  meets regularly through both casual coffee mornings and also more formal meetings.  These meetings are not always at times that all parents can attend, so summaries when minutes are taken are provided below. 


PTA Meeting 9th October 2015

PTA Meeting 11th September 2015



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