Pre-and After-School Learning

PAL is our Pre-and After-School Learning program which follows the Lgr-curriculum. It offers students various learning activities before and after school hours. The goal of PAL is to provide students with a program based on their own interests and group activities. (PAL is not a homework club)


PAL instructors are trained professionals who help children in various areas such as emotional and social skills training and recreational activities. In PAL, the pupils have opportunities to develop their skills and interests. They also have the opportunity to meet students from around the world as a mix of LGRP (National section) and PYP (International Section) go to PAL, helping children from all cultures and backgrounds learn to cooperate and make friends. It´s a place where children can be if both parents are working or studying. PAL is for children from grade K-3 and PAL Club is for children in grade 4.


PAL's times

07.30 PAL opens

08:30 School starts

13:30 PAL re-opens

14:10 Afternoon snack is served

17:30 PAL closes


PAL Club times

14:00 PAL Club opens

14:45 Afternoon snack is served

17:00 PAL Club closes


 If your child is absent please contact PAL/club 


Frogs: 031-708 9 283,
Dolphins: 031- 708 9 282,
Hippos: 031- 708 9 280,
Unicorns: 031- 708 9 281,
Penguins: 031-708 9 285,
Turtles/The Seal´s: 031-708 9 284,


Application form:

Application, PAL


Application, PAL-club


Withdrawal form:


Withdrawal from PAL


Family and Income Report form:

 Family and Income Report.pdf


For more information please contact:


Jessika Lagerlöf






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