The Middle Years Programme within the International Baccalaureate is a program that seeks to nurture, develop, and challenge students, balancing rigorous content and skills with flexibility and student-led inquiry.


The MYP philosophy specifically espouses three main tenets:

  • Holistic Learning – seeing and valuing the student as a complete and unique individual, expressing concern for his/her development as a person and not only a student.
  • Intercultural Awareness – helping students to see the interconnectedness of the world and their growing role in it.
  • Communication – understanding that varying and evolving modes of communication will play a vital role in students’ future lives, and preparing them accordingly.

We work toward these philosophical goals while not losing sight of our academic goals.  

Academically, the MYP is guided by two main principals:


  • Conceptual Learning – challenging students to do more than memorize facts.  Students will move beyond content and come to understand significant concepts, interdisciplinary “big ideas” that stretch beyond disciplinary material.
  • Inquiry-based Instruction – allowing students to have a say in the direction of their study, by encouraging genuine inquiry and reflection.  Students will be challenged to search for their own truths by asking the right questions.


The IB has created a helpful website with information for prospective and current parents.  It can be found here:







Students follow courses in the subject groups of: Language and Literature (English with an additional option of Swedish for fluent speakers); Language Acquistion (a learned language of Swedish, Spanish or French); Mathematics; Sciences; Individuals and Societies (History, Geography, Economics, Global Issues); Design (Information, Design, Food and craft technologies); the Arts (Visual Art, Music and Drama); and Physical and Health Education. We also offer EAL (English As Additional Language) to support those students who are new to English in are in need of extra English language support.




The Personal Project all MYP work culminates in a final, demanding “personal project,” which students work on independently for over six months.


This project challenges students to utilize the breadth of skills and depth of knowledge they have acquired throughout the MYP.  They must create a product or outcome that demonstrates significant learning and a formal report that documents their development as learners throughout the process.  










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