MYP Parent Council


The Parent Council has been formed to provide a solution oriented approach to school wide issues within MYP, as well as improve communications between the parent group and the school administration. In this way, if parents feel that there is an issue that is beyond class level, they are able to approach the Parent Council to find a solution to the issue in conjunction with the MYP Principal (and if necessary the MYP Coordinator).

The MYP Parent Council will have representatives from grade 6- 10 (one from each grade level). The Head of School , the Principal and Deputy Principal will be in attendance.


The agenda for the Parent Council meetings could contain the following:

* Information from the leadership team,
* Information from board meetings,
* Items brought by the representatives,
* Improvements/ development- work on areas for improvement suggested during meetings with parents in May 2013.
* Significant whole school issues identified in the June Parent surveys

Parent Council Representatives are:

Nicola Stockmann -

Becka Kojder - 

Conceicao Hagvall -

Hanan El Malla -

Kelly Fotopoulos -

Monachon Partridge -

Rachel Thomas -

Parent Council Communication:

The group email for the Parent Council is:

The representatives above are your contacts for any issues that reach beyond class level. In the interests of ease of communication we will be making parent emails available to Parent Council members. Confidentiality agreements have been signed and email addresses can be used for parent council communications only. If however you do not wish for the Parent Council to use your email, please advise the MYP Principal in writing.


Parent Council Minutes


 2016-17 Academic Year


 21st October, 2016



 2015-16 Academic Year


 28th January, 2016


 17th December, 2015





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