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Welcome to Library Media Centres at ISGR and IHGR. Library Media Centre; LMC, is an educational and cultural environment where students and staff are exposed to ideas through the use of print and non-print resources in various media formats. LMC, in accordance with school goals, fosters the development of lifelong learning abilities and a love of reading in its students.


The library's website:

Library & Media Centre (LMC)




Library Plan

Library plan for ISGR/IHGR


Creative School

At the link below is an action plan for our Creative School project supported by the National Arts Council:


Action plan for Creative School



Elin Wästlund

e-mail: elin.wastlund@isgr.se


Hjalte Strandén

e-mail: Hjalte.Stranden@isgr.se



tel. 031-708 92 06





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