Forms & Notifications



Late for School


If you arrive for school after 8.30am, please report to reception and give your child’s full name, class and teacher’s name.



If students are late for school they should go straight to their class but parents must e-mail the advisor informing them that the student was late.




Leave of Absence


If you wish to take your child out of school during term then you will need to apply for leave of absence.  Students are allowed up to 10 days absence in any one school year; days of absence are cumulative.


If a student is absent without approval for longer than 10 days consecutively, then they will be automatically withdrawn from the school. Parents will need to reapply and demonstrate that they still meet the Admissions Criteria if they wish to return to ISGR.  


School in Sweden is compulsory so parents must apply for any leave in accordance with school regulations. 


The Leave of Absence form should be completed and handed in to the class teacher/advisor or the Deputy Principal.

Leave of Absence Form – PYP


Leave of Absence Form – MYP




Special Dietary and Medical Requirements


 Student with special dietary requirements


Report of an allergic reaction


This student has a disease or serious allergy


Self-care plan





Withdrawal PAL


Withdrawal PYP


Withdrawal MYP


Handling of Complaints


Handling of Complaints



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